How I’m keeping my children busy and myself sane :)

It’s tough out there right now and even tougher in here 🙈 it is not easy to go from having all the freedom in the world to being restricted to our homes. Especially with two kids in tow. I’ve created a schedule for my 3.5 year old, I’ve enlisted help for my 23 month old (my in laws and husband) and it has made such a huge difference in our days. The days go by faster and our screen time has been Cut down in half. My daughter only watches about 1 hour a day and she seems happier and more energetic than those first few days where we had no schedule and just did activities here and there. I also find the online courses help a lot and I don’t count those as screen time I count those as educational mom breaks 😂! I’ve included my schedule below as well as a list of activities that help keep my 22month old busy and active. I am also including below numerous links to different educational sites. We love the scholastic Canada one and the abc kids! Let me know in the comments below what you’ve been doing to keep busy or if you have any suggestions of any other sites or activities we could do!

Our schedule for our 3.5 year old who is regularly in Montessori

Activity ideas for my 22 month old. It’s impossible for me to keep a schedule with him and I’m fine with that. I let him have free play most of the day and when he’s bored I add in these activities.

1) window stickers from Dollarama have been a huge hit they can be peeled off and reapplied endless amounts of times and it keeps him busy for ages !

2) paint in a ziplock bag or actual paint if you are okay with a mess. I fill a large zip lock bag with different colour paint and tape it to his high chair table and he basically finger paints without actually touching the paint. I also add sparkles to create more excitement.

3) dancing (he loves playing head and should knees and toes with his sister and he has a few favourite songs that he loves dancing to)

4) story time (his attention span is short). But I try to use props and voices and it usually helps

5) colouring with crayons he loves playing with crayons and he loves to eat them even more so this one is tough but good practice 🙂

6) snow ! My friend showed me this one and it’s great for snowy days (like yesterday) I fill up a bucket of snow and bury some small toys in there I set it up on a towel on the kitchen floor and let him play . This activity is short because he gets cold quickly but it’s still something.

7) pasta bowl! I give him raw noodles and a few big plastic bowls and spoons with some plastic measuring cups and he just plays with them for ages! This one can be messy so I try to keep him in the kitchen which doesn’t always work.

8) Walks outside or free play in the backyard . This is the best part of both of our days and fun for the whole family !

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