kidloland…a moms best friend


Now let me start by being very honest, I was always that mom who did not believe in screen time and never wanted Jenna to be even near a screen let alone let her have screen time, but the Kidloland app has changed my view on screen time completely. Here is why…



  1. its interactive. Every single activity on their app encourages and promotes learning. Even in the story section Jenna can choose to read the story aloud herself or read along with the app as it highlights each words its saying.
  2. It is educational, and in my opinion, the best educational app on the market today. All of their games and activities provide some sort of learning, reading, counting, learning new words, learning how to do puzzles, you name it, this app teaches it.
  3. It provides hours of options Literally. There are games and stories that have to do with fruits, colours, animals and the list goes on. there are so many options for Jenna to choose from and every time i see her use the app which she does completely by herself (see point 4) I always see her using a new game or feature that i have never seen before. This was extremely helpful in the airport when we had an unexpected delay and had to keep Jenna entertained for an extra two hours!
  4. It is so easy to use, Jenna can now take my iPhone, scroll through my pages, find the app and start playing. She gets a little frustrated when it says downloading but that takes ten seconds and off you go. Its honestly super user-friendly.
  5. Jenna has so many different games that she loves to play and because she’s not just staring at the screen like a zombie like kids do when they watch tv (no judgement Jenna does watch The Wiggles and Paw Patrol sometimes but when she’s playing with this app I’m never worried that she’s not learning). Right now her favourite games are the piano game, i will be very honest i have no idea what it is actually called because she opens it herself but its a game where the screen turns into a colourful piano and she clicks the different colours for different sounds like a little piano/keyboard. She also loves the monster games and the fruit puzzle games, her favourite part is when she’s done putting together the fruit, she places the fruit in the monsters mouth and then looks at me with such pride:) its the cutest thing ever!



You can find the app on Google play, the app store or even amazon!

you can download the app for free and then certain actions you can access for a low price (Totally worth it in my opinion) . If you have a long trip coming up i highly recommend you try it out, trust me you will love it!

Let me know what you think once you’ve tried it!

Thanks for tuning in!





my FAVOURITE diaper bag ever!

the time I got pregnant the one mommy item I was super excited to buy the most was definitely my diaper bag! I always saw such stylish moms walking around with these huge beautiful bags and I was so excited to finally get one of my own! I did a little bit of research and found a few and then one day at the airport I ran into this super stylish beautiful mom who was carrying this striped Skip Hop Duo Special Edition Diaper Bag, French Stripe (on sale now for $64.60) which I fell in love with. Fast forward to now one year later and that bag is no longer beautiful. it is stretched out and half  the time I can’t even close it because everything has to be shoved into the big compartment. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely bag and it looks so beautiful but it’s not really convenient for someone like me who needs a lot of things in her diaper bag! I highly recommend it for someone who is very organised a minimalist and as much as I wish I could be, that’s not me!

Now as I have realised how important it is to be efficient and quick when changing the diaper of a Toddler who cannot stay still for more than literally one minute, I would never ever recommend anything else but the Lekebaby Extra Large Diaper Bag Backpack . It is actually amazing. It has so many pockets I even have one pocket dedicated to myself! it has insulated bottle sections not to mention three mini pockets which are perfect for Jennas hair ties (any moms of a little girl know that these little girls love to pull off and throw their hair ties especially when you’re not looking), teethers (again something Jenna needs but loves to throw away the second I turn away, and socks and mittens which also somehow always seem to go missing! I have a separate section for her toys and items to distract her when I am changing her, a section dedicated just for the diapers, wipes and mat and a section where I can fit all of her clothes. It is the best bag I have ever used. My sister found it (her husband does a lot of research and makes pros and cons list when making purchases) and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it! Best purchase I made this year hands down and because it goes on my back it leaves both my hands free which makes the world of a difference! Let me know how you like it:)!  As always I feel like im constantly learning I guess thats why they call me mommaintraining. Feel free to let me know how you like your diaper bag and what you recommend and why! looling forward to reading your comments!

XOXO mommaintraining

what noone told me about bottles…

disclaimer: I received baby breeze canada bottles free of charge to review however everything I have written  below is my honest opinion!

When I first got pregnant I automatically decided that I would be a strictly nursing mom. The benefits of breastfeeding are tremendous and for the most part, this worked out really well for me.  Luckily, I was able to nurse Jenna and I was able to pump. This is not always the case for all mothers and I strongly believe food is food, wether it comes from a bottle of formula or from your breast.

Keeping your child fed and happy is the end goal for all mothers and it doesn’t matter how its done, as long as its done.   I am glad that I was able to breastfeed because I truly love breastfeeding and it’s the best part of my day with Jenna.   The toughest part of the breastfeeding experience however, was the dependence Jenna had on me.  Strictly breastfeeding meant that for the first few months I could not be away from Jenna for more than 2 hours at a time and sometimes less if she was cluster feeding or just generally wanted more milk.  Because I was strictly breastfeeding, the only time we gave a bottle was when I had pumped and I wanted to take a short break.  I never thought about training her to take a bottle because at those rare occasions when we offered Jenna the bottle, she took to it without any hesitation.  Then at around 6 weeks, I had a wedding I had to attend, and my husband was a groomsmen and the reception was adults only.  This is where the trouble started. Sadly I never made it to that reception, but now I realise that it all comes down to the type of bottle.  No-one ever told me that it would be difficult to get my Jenna to take a bottle, and when I mean difficult I mean literally not nursing her for hours and trying to give her a bottle when she signals she’s hungry.  We tried for hours and I mean literally hours, she would close her mouth, turn her face or just cry. It was heartbreaking watching her struggle with something  I could so easily fix, but I just wanted a little break and I wanted to have a night out with just adults. Is that too much to ask?


At the time we had been using three types of bottles recommended to me by friends, however I didn’t realise that these friends were not exclusively breastfeeding so of course their babies took the bottles they offered because they had trained them straight away.  I then had a friend recommend a bottle that was specifically made to imitate the mothers breast, and even that we had trouble with. Eventually she took that bottle but not very consistently and that bottle cost $25 per bottle!!!! Not affordable , and not consistent. Most recently we were  sent baby breeze bottles from baby breeze canada and for the first time ever Jenna instantly took to them!

They were a huge hit which is not an easy task with my Jenna.  The bottles have an ergonomic shape so jenna was extremely comfortable holding it and the nipple imitates the breast so jenna took to it very quickly and comfortable.  The best part about the bottles is that there only three pieces when you take them apart, which makes them very easy to put together and very easy to clean!

They also come with their own special bottle cleaning cloth!! Overall they are a hit and definitely. One of our current essentials!  They are available at Buy buy baby for your shipping convenience!

Overall I loved these facts about the bottles

  • Affordable
  • ergonomic shape, easy for Jenna to hold
  • nipple mimics the breast, promotes healthy oral development and Jenna took it to quite easily
  • Anti-colic tru flo vent system (YAY for less gas)
  • two parts for cleaning and comes with a cleaning cloth with a special attached tube to clean the nipple
  • developed with a lactation counselor

Do you have any bottles you recommend? Have you tried baby breeze Canada bottles? Let me know what you think or if you have any questions!

Thanks for tuning in.

❤️ tehseen

ESSENTIALS FOR A DAY OUT WITH YOUR BABY…..ah…summer is finally here..

ah summer. nothing better.


I am so over the moon that its finally hot out. Canada is cold, pretty much all year long except for July and August so we are taking advantage and trying to get out everyday.   I have created a list below of essential items for a day out with a baby or toddler! It used to be that you would put on your shorts and swimsuit, grab a towel and off you go!   How times have changed….this is my go-to list whenever I take Jenna out for the day! Hope it helps you as much as it helps me. I use this list religiously after going out the first day totally unprepared.  Hopefully you read this before you take your babe out and don’t get stuck like I did.


Pre-motherhood packing list for a day at the park/beach

  1. Towel
  2. Swimsuit
  3. flip flops
  4. sunglasses
  5. sunscreen


Mom packing list for a day at the park/beach/splash pad

  1. Towel for you (because even if you don’t go in for sure your babe will splash you)
  2. Towel for your little one , preferably something with a hood to keep their heads covered while drying
  3. swimsuit for your little one
  4. swim diaper for your little one
  5. extra baggie for your little ones wet clothes and towel
  6. sunscreen for your baby (to reapply after they get wet)
  7. extra hat for your baby (because of course theirs gets wet while they are splashing around)
  8. shoes for your baby
  9. snacks for your baby in a cooler bag if necessary
  10. sippy cup or bottle with appropriate fluids(water/breastmilk/formula) in a cooler bag to keep baby hydrated
  11. extra clothes for you (if you aren’t wearing a bathing suit and get splashed)
  12. sunglasses for you
  13. sunglasses for your little one
  14. hand sanitizer
  15. baby wipes
  16. extra diapers
  17. diaper cream or vaseline as required
  18. extra ones in case it gets cold
  19. umbrella or some sort of sun shield to ensure baby doesn’t get too hot


If you think i missed anything please comment below and let me know!


Stay Safe and Good luck!