Top 10 Tips for a day at the park/beach/splash pad



  1. Towels for you and for your little one, preferably something with a hood to keep their heads covered while drying
  2. Swimsuit/ Swim Diaper
  3. extra baggie for wet clothes and towel
  4. sunscreen for you both
  5. extra hat for your baby (because of course, theirs gets wet while they are splashing around)
  6. snacks for your baby in a cooler bag if necessary
  7. Snacks/ sippy cup or bottle with appropriate fluids(water/breastmilk/formula) in a cooler bag to keep baby hydrated
  8. extra clothes for you (if you aren’t wearing a bathing suit and get splashed)
  9. sunglasses both Momma and Baby
  10. umbrella or some sort of sun shield to ensure baby doesn’t get too hot



Jenna’s First Beach Vacation! ( June 2017)

We were blessed to travel a lot when it was just the 3 of us. We went to England and Portugal but Jennas first REAL beach vacation was Bermuda. Since then we have also been to Mexico and Turkey with our family of 4. Below is a previous post from Bermuda. I will shortly add a blog from our more recent travels!


Everything about this Bermuda was bliss. The island was stunning, the water was sparkling turquoise and the sand a stunning pink. I highly recommend Bermuda to anyone looking for a quick getaway. Bermuda has the best fish sandwich you will EVER eat, it is completely Zika free and the flight was a quick 2.5 hours from Toronto!

Traveling with a baby is definitely alot of work, but with some preparation and organization, it can be more fun then daunting! Through the 8 flights (including a stopover in Dublin) we did with Jenna during our travels I have learned a lot and am constantly improving. Check out my tips below to help you with your next vacation and please feel free to leave a comment and let me know your best tip for traveling with a child!

TIPS for traveling with a child

  1. Try and book your seat in advance, especially if you require the bassinet which comes in handy for naps and for babies who are not mobile
  2. Take Extra clothes on the flight for the baby and yourself
  3. Take a good stroller, light and easy to fold -( I like the Baby Jogger City Mini)
  4. Pack lightly for yourself, you will need extra clothes for the baby, and its easier to wash and wear for you.  Organize the babies packing in Large Ziploc bags labeled, this will help when looking for an outfit and keeping aside dirty clothes.
  5. Take extra snacks and fluids, Jenna had started solids by the time we went to Bermuda and she is an extremely fussy eater so we had to make sure we took a good variety of foods and drinks for her.
  6. Take a few favorite books and toys to entertain your child at the airport and during the trip.
  7. A good baby carrier can be a lifesaver. I used my soulslings carrier all the time in Bermuda and during the travel when I didn’t have access to my stroller.
  8. Last and most importantly give your baby some comfort during take-off and landing,  it helps relieve the pressure. You can nurse, use a bottle or a pacifier.

Safe and happy travels!