My 2019 HOLIDAY Last Minute Gift Guide for my fellow procrastinators! 7 no fail gifts for all your favourite people :)

I am a huge procrastinator and every single year, I tell myself that next year will be different and I’ll be done Christmas shopping by December 1st. But then life happens, and as always , I find myself scrambling at the last minute and this year is no different. I just finished everything today and so I’m sharing my all time favourite last-minute go to gifts for 2019. They are all gifts I know my friends and family will love and if I’m being honest, they are all gifts I would love to get too! *hint hint!! Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below.

1) Huawei P30 pro. My all time favourite phone and one of the best cameras I’ve ever used . Also if you buy a P30 or P30 pro between December 18-31 2019 you can get a free pair of Huawei Freebuds Lite!! It is super user friendly and snaps great photos. Can you ask for anything more? Available at

2) A spa day at Elmwood spa. Elmwood spa currently offers 3 holiday spa packages that are perfect for that special someone in your life. I bought these festive packages for my mom and my sisters and the best part, I get to go with them:)! You can also send your gift card as an e-gift! How convenient . Available at Elmwood spa

3) Riversol ! Riversol is anti-aging skincare from one of North America’s premier dermatologists. Currently I’m obsessed with their Anti-aging Trio kit! I purchased this kit for my two best friends and can’t wait to gift it to them! Available at Riversol.

4) Gift card for a local mall! My local mall is Bramlea City Centre and I’m always there so actually this ones for me:) I asked my husband to gift me a BCC gift card! Hey at least I made it easy for him !! BCC

5) Kitchen stuff Plus Double Wall French Coffee Press. Anyone in your life who loves coffee would love one of these! This one I purchased for both my dad and my husband. They both love a good home made cup of coffee as much as I do, and this is easy to use and beautiful! Available at your local Kitchen Stuff Plus.

6) Passes to your local aquarium or theme park ! If you want a good gift for kids I highly recommend this. We are gifting passes to Ripleys Aquarium and Canada’s Wonderland to my sisters and their kids. Educational and fun, the perfect combination. Also Canadas wonderland has been converted into a winter Wonderland for the holiday season and Winterfest at Wonderland is open until December 31st! Keep an eye on my Instagram page MOMMAINTRAINING for Aquarium passes giveaways soon! You can also purchase your tickets online at both Ripleys and Wonderland ahead of time for a little discount! And if you’re looking for a fun toy, check out Lottie Dolls they have a great collection of unique dolls, stables, and treehouses Lottie Dolls available here

7) Literally anything from White Terry Home. They have the absolute nicest sheets I’ve ever slept in. Trust me you’ll thank me later and once you feel them you will most definitely buy some for yourself too!

Thanks for tuning in, if you have any ideas you think I should add to my list next year let me Know in the comments below! happy holidays folks, have fun and be safe ❤️🎄🎅🏾