Quality Time with Quaker Chewy® Mermaid Confetti Chip granola bars

Now that Jenna is older, and our family has grown I always make sure we get some quality mommy daughter time.

Two of our favorite times to share together are Arts & Crafts and eating delicious snacks 🙂 When we enjoy Quaker Chewy® Mermaid Confetti Chip granola bars by @QuakerCanada we feel inspired and dive right into our creative sides. These delectable snacks added a splash of fun to our family time.

One sunny afternoon we pulled out our #chewymermaid kit from @QuakerCanada; which can turn up the fun to any ordinary moment. Jenna’s favorite part was of course the yummy Chewy​® ​Mermaid Confetti Chip granola bars, she loved them!  We decorated a treasure chest for Jenna, designed a pencil case for school and made sea shell crowns while snacking on @QuakerCanada’s wholesome delicious granola bars.

I will definitely be putting these bars in Jenna’s lunchbox to remind her of the magical moments we had together. As a mother we always want the best for our children -these bars are made with no artificial colour or flavours, and  they have 9g of whole grains! Quaker Chewy​® ​Mermaid Confetti Chip granola bars for the win!  #momwin
 Quaker Chewy​® ​Mermaid Confetti Chip granola bars are only available for a limited time so get them soon! #paid #ad