5 Tips for Teething

Starting as early as 3 months our little babes start to teeth. Jenna has almost a full smile and Jacob is only starting out. Before Jenna I did not realize how many products were out there to support this process and how consuming it could be especially when it’s causing your little one pain and resulting them in being fussy and inconsolable at times.

Every baby takes to teething remedies differently, I have chatted with my sisters and have come up with a pretty good list of suggestions you can use for your little one!

  1. Bibs for drool, I started putting on bibs for the kids at around 4 months, that is when the drool monsters really came out. – Here is a link to my favorite bibs:  For Girls   For boys 
  2. Teethers! We have tried so many between our four kids, here are our top 5 favorite that is sure to please your babe:
  3. Placing the teethers or a wet washcloth in the fridge
  4. Using foods for teethers ( ie: raw carrot sticks, cucumber sticks)
  5. Rubbing the babies gums, this helps release the tension in the gums

There are many more remedies that have been tried and true by other mothers and its always encouraged to try what works for you, the above are ones we use in our family.

Let me know which one worked best for you and if you have any remedies of your own.

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