Sleep Training

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Even though this is not my first Rodeo, I still find myself learning new things in ways I handle my children. With Jenna we didn’t think much of sleep training, she was generally a very good sleeper and we just went with the flow. With Jacob, possibly because I now have WAY LESS spare time, I crave more of a schedule and predictability.

I did seek out some support with Jenna but really dove into SLEEP TRAINING this time around. And I have to say my saving grace has been the Precious Little Sleep community. With the Facebook Page containing thousands of supportive parents who are going through a similar ordeal, to her blog post and podcasts Aleix Dubief and her insight on sleep training has been a blessing!

I even got the book to ensure I did not miss a piece of information that would allow us all to be better rested! I do believe that children crave consistency and being able to provide that to them allows us to all have a hectic free day following the schedules we have carved out for their sleep routines. This also allows us to plan our personal time around their sleeping! Now I have to admit no matter what, each time a child grows older or learns a new skill, things will change- so I find myself back to the mountain of information again this time looking up a toddlers transition to a big bed, or a baby who is rolling over for the first time. But I am thankful to have access to this support and information, I know those mothers before us ( before the internet!) did not have such easy access too!

I highly recommend the book, which I have posted below for your convenience!




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