My Dream Kitchen Reveal!

The thing that sold me on my house, which we bought in 2014 believe it or not- was the kitchen! That’s also the first thing we changed when we decided to renovate in 2020. After having two babies we realized how important and functional an open concept layout was, and I had wanted a huge island forever. So in July of 2020, after what seemed like years of discussing our dream kitchen we finally did it. We completely demolished our old kitchen and custom built a new one. We also broke down a wall between the kitchen and living room to create an open concept space and added built in shelves in our living room and I’m so glad we did. My dream was white, bright and open, and I think we nailed it!

Now let’s talk about where we started. We had a very small island and a wall between the living room and kitchen. We also had red walls which I used to love and realized soon after we moved in, that it actually made the kitchen feel small and a little dark.


For the new space, I opted for white cabinets (chantilly lace), white walls (decorators white) , a ten foot island (with a little Country Inspo on the ends). Finally we went with beautiful blue velvet stools. Stools were the hardest thing to choose, it literally took us months. We found nothing we loved and then my husband custom ordered these ones and although he chose them, I ended up loving them! The process to custom order was very tough though because we were basically ordering without actually being able to see or feel the material or the colours, so we had to trust that the pictures and descriptions we sent were good enough to achieve the look we wanted. It also took months for the stools to arrive and in fact we are still waiting for one more!! If you want more information about the stools and where to order them let me know in the comments below.


Our beautiful custom stools!

While designing our dream kitchen, my husband and I honestly didn’t agree on a lot! I love the traditional farmhouse country style kitchens with gold finishes and my husband really wanted a modern look so we compromised and in the end we were both happy. I ended up changing my vision right before we had to choose our finishes which really helped. I ended up liking a more modern style after all, and changed from gold to chrome finishes which is exactly what my husband wanted. The chrome really completed the look and although sometimes I imagine what it would look like if I had gone with gold , I know the chrome is more feasible (I’ve heard the gold can fade) especially in a house with two energetic toddlers! This brings me to the pieces that I love the most in the kitchen. The beautiful lighting and the stunning faucet.

For lighting , we went with Kichler lighting . They have exquisite lighting fixtures and their customer service is exceptional. I changed my mind multiple times and each time Monique (ask for her if you need a hand choosing your fixtures) was so kind and helped me find exactly what I was looking for. I get serious anxiety making decisions and choosing our fixtures was no different, however speaking with them via email truly made the experience enjoyable. For over the island I wanted something modern but light so I opted for the Kichler Linear Chandelier in chrome from the Crosby collection. It’s contemporary look with clean lines and metal accents was perfect for my bright and traditional/modern vision! We also have a little spot at the end of the island where I might eventually add in some benches so I wanted a light fixture for the end as well and for that space we went with the Kichler 5 light chandelier in chrome, also from the Crosby collection and it’s just perfect.

For the faucet we went with Pfister faucets. They have such a great selection and incredible price points ! We went with the The Stellen Touchless Faucet in Stainless Steel (Model: LG529-ESAS). We love the touchless feature especially right now where germs are our biggest concern!

The ReactTM touchless technology turns the faucet on and off with a wave of my hand and is the perfect way to reduce germs and create a more hygienic home environment. The faucet is also gorgeous, it combines sleek, simple lines and contemporary curves. I am so happy with our choice.

Last but not least let’s talk floors!! We searched hard and long for the perfect floor and again I am beyond happy with what we chose. We chose Arizona white oak and I highly recommend it. We paid extra to get wider panels and we love how it looks.

Now let’s get to the not so fun stuff! We overall had a good experience with our contractors and I’ve tagged them in my story highlight called “House Reno” if you’re interested ! there were a few small things I wasn’t very happy with which I wish we had known ahead of time but overall I would say they did a good job.

After everything is said and done I love my new kitchen and although I wish I chose different hardware I love everything! Let me know your thoughts below. Have you had a renovation done? Did you have a good or bad experience ? Were you happy with the outcome ?

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