Dreamy dinosaur big boy room makeover!

Jacob’s big boy room is finally complete- I am so excited to share it with you guys and thanks to Home Hardware we were able to complete it in 5 easy steps!!


When we moved into our house before Jacob was born,the office, which is now his bedroom was bright green. For some reason, we never thought to paint it…until now, and let me tell you a fresh coat of paint can make a world of a difference. After painting his room the shade White Dew using Beauti-Tone Signature Series 3.64L White Base Eggshell Finish Interior Latex Paint it felt like a completely new space! The only thing I wish is that I did it sooner. Painting is probably the easiest change to make in a room and it truly makes the biggest difference.




The 2nd thing we did was install a little reading nook with some floating shelves and a small table set so Jacob has a place to hang out and read all his dinosaur books. Jacob has so many books and we were basically stacking them up on random shelves and miscellaneous baskets. I wanted a dedicated space for his collection of books and so we installed floating shelves at the foot of his bed to create his little nook! He loves sitting in that little corner and he loves being able to see his books and easily grab one off the shelf whenever he wants. We also placed the shelves close enough to the glider so that when my husband reads him his nightly bedtime stories the books are easily accessible. I cannot recommend floating shelves enough and Home Hardware had so many different hardware options. We used 4 of the Home Builder 8″ x 24″ Warm White Laminated Shelves and not only are they the perfect size for his little books, but they also fit his dinosaur figurines perfectly.


The 3rd piece to our puzzle was our DIY Dinosaur hooks! These were super easy to make, and we got everything we needed from our local Home Hardware. We cut up some dinosaurs my son already had lying around. I painted them, and we filled them with Gorilla Epoxy and nailed them onto a cedar plank. We also stained the plank with some grey stain we bought from Home Hardware and it turned out so beautifully. One tip: make sure to drill pilot holes into the epoxy before screwing in the dinosaurs to the wood!


The 4th thing we did was organize his closet. I was using his closet to store my old clothes and we were actually keeping his clothes in the guestroom!!! I am so embarressed about that part but I am so happy with how this closet revamp turned out. I put my clothes into storage, added another ClosetMaid shelf to his closet, and grabbed some baskets for extra storage, and ta-da!

I chose the ClosetMaid 12″ x 4′ Closet Shelf Kit, with Hardware because we already had a similar shelf at the top of his closet and I wanted to keep the shelves consistent. My favourite part was that you can fit these ClosetMaid shelves into any closet because you can always cut it down to fit your space. Luckily our closet fit one of the ones that Home Hardware carries so we didn’t need to worry about that but it’s really very simple to do! I also ordered 2 Knape & Vogt 22″ x 17″ x 7″ Wire Mesh Baskets to keep at the bottom of his closet for shoes and for clothes that no longer fit/to keep his extra books in and they fit perfectly and look beautiful. Lastly, I bought 4 Whitmor 13″ x 15″ x 5″ Grey Storage Baskets to keep socks, pants, and accessories in! These baskets saved me from having to buy a dresser and it just makes sense for me to keep all of his clothes in his closet.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the baskets I chose,and I love that Home Hardware has such a great selection of closet organization tools- it made choosing what was right for me easy!


The last thing and my absolute favourite part was replacing his light fixture. It was a dingy square fixture that had been there since we moved in and we replaced it with a beautiful wood finish fixture with clear seeded glass. I am absolutely in love with this fixture and it fits in perfectly with the theme of his room!

Jacob was beyond excited to be in his new big boy dinosaur room – so much so, that today on our walk he told all the neighbours he has a big dinosaur room:)! I am so happy with the outcome and I love every single part of his room, maybe as much as he does.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Home Hardware however all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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