After becoming a mother something that became very important to me was collecting photos to ensure that when the kids got older that they would be able to look back fondly at all the memories we made together.

One of my favorite ( and easiest) ways to do this is with the One Second a Day App

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It is the nicest way to watch my little ones grow and capture special moments like their first laugh or first crawl. You can condense the days and send it like a little video to your family and friends to include them in your child’s memories.

Another favorite is making photo books, now this is a much more time-consuming task, but there are websites out there that will make it for you if you just send them the photos. So now you just have to go through the 100,000 photos you take of your children and choose the best ones 🙂

A few websites I can suggest are; My Picture Book CanadaPhotobook  

There are many more out there, it is up to a personal choice but what a wonderful way to sit back and reflect on your child’s life growing up.

I would love to hear about how you record your memories with your families, please leave a comment below and share!


Happy Scrapbooking.




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