Vacation Fever


Recently I have had vacation fever. I literally bring up a beach vacation to my husband once a week. he then proceeds to remind me of the little virus called Zika and how we want to try for our next baby soon.  Unfortunately he always wins and the dream vacation is just that, a dream. There are some places that are Zika free and this year Jenna has been lucky enough to travel to 3 of them: England, Portugal and Bermuda but honestly I expected us to travel much much more.

If I can’t go on a beach vacation right now, I can at least share what I learned with you from my last beach vacation with Jenna and show you why we fell in love with Bermuda. Check out my pics and scroll to the bottom to see our tips to help you with your next trip!

My sister gifted us with a family photo shoot which worked out perfectly as both my sisters were pregnant and this was Jenna’s first real beach vacation!


Although we loved Portugal and England where all of my family lives, Bermuda stole my heart and I think it stole Jenna’s too. My sister and brother in-law live there so we were lucky we got to experience Bermuda as tourists and as locals. Everything about this country was bliss. The island was stunning, the water was the bluest I had ever seen and the beaches were whiter than white. I ate the best fish I had ever eaten and fell in love with everyone i met. I highly recommend Bermuda to anyone looking for a quick getaway. The best two things I would have to say are that Bermuda is completely Zika free and the flight was a quick 2 hours  from Toronto, which is extremely important when travelling with a child, especially one who can’t stay still for more than one minute.

Travelling with a baby is not an easy task, it requires a lot of preparation including what to pack, what time to leave (schedule around naps and sleep schedule), preparing for both the flight and for when we arrive, feeding (bottles, formula, food if they are on solids). Through our 8 flights (including a stopover in Dublin) I have learned a lot and am constantly learning and improving. Check out my tips below to help you with your next vacation and please feel free to leave a comment and let me know your best tip for travelling with a child!

TIPS for travelling with a child


  1. Always book your seats in advance , especially if you require the bassinnet which comes in handy for naps and for babies who are not mobile
  2. Take a good stroller, nothing too heavy and someting easy to fold so that when you are gate checking it you dont struggle to close it and hold your baby and diaper bag at the same time
  3. Dont overpack, if you are going to a place where you have easy access to laundry facilities pack just what you need for one week and wash and wear, this will make your travelling easier and with the stroller and diaper bag, this will be a blessing. For all three of our trips I was able to pack all of jennas stuff within my suitcase which saved us a lot of hassle
  4. Take extra snacks and fluids, Jenna had started solids by the time we went to Bermuda and she is an extremely fussy easter so we had to make sure we took a good variety of foods and drinks for her to eat and drink on the plane
  5. Take a good rotation of toys and games to entertain your child in the airport and during the trip. Zip lock bags were a life changer for us because I kept one large one in my diaper bag full of teethers and plastic toys that jenna likes to chew on so I knew what was clean and what wasnt. When something got dirty I simply threw it in my bag and washed it when I could
  6. Take extra onesies for the flight because spills can happen and always take at least 5 diapers more than what you think you need. I normally calculaed 5 diapers a day for any overnight trips with Jenna but in Bermuda I ended up being 1 diaper short the last day and had to buy a pack just for that one diaper!
  7. Take one extra outfit for you for the plane ride (something small so it can be rolled into your purse or hand luggage) in case of any poop explosions or spit-up
  8. A good baby carrier can be a life saver. Honestly I used my soulslings carrier all the time in Bermuda. After your stroller gets gate checked or for when your stroller is the last item to come off the luggage carousel , a good carrier will be your new best friend
  9. Last and most importantly give your baby some comfort during take-off and landing, it really helps soothe them and get used to the whole flight idea. I was nursing and so I nursed which was very helpful but I have read that bottles and pacifiers also help

Safe and happy travels!