kidloland…a moms best friend


Now let me start by being very honest, I was always that mom who did not believe in screen time and never wanted Jenna to be even near a screen let alone let her have screen time, but the Kidloland app has changed my view on screen time completely. Here is why…



  1. its interactive. Every single activity on their app encourages and promotes learning. Even in the story section Jenna can choose to read the story aloud herself or read along with the app as it highlights each words its saying.
  2. It is educational, and in my opinion, the best educational app on the market today. All of their games and activities provide some sort of learning, reading, counting, learning new words, learning how to do puzzles, you name it, this app teaches it.
  3. It provides hours of options Literally. There are games and stories that have to do with fruits, colours, animals and the list goes on. there are so many options for Jenna to choose from and every time i see her use the app which she does completely by herself (see point 4) I always see her using a new game or feature that i have never seen before. This was extremely helpful in the airport when we had an unexpected delay and had to keep Jenna entertained for an extra two hours!
  4. It is so easy to use, Jenna can now take my iPhone, scroll through my pages, find the app and start playing. She gets a little frustrated when it says downloading but that takes ten seconds and off you go. Its honestly super user-friendly.
  5. Jenna has so many different games that she loves to play and because she’s not just staring at the screen like a zombie like kids do when they watch tv (no judgement Jenna does watch The Wiggles and Paw Patrol sometimes but when she’s playing with this app I’m never worried that she’s not learning). Right now her favourite games are the piano game, i will be very honest i have no idea what it is actually called because she opens it herself but its a game where the screen turns into a colourful piano and she clicks the different colours for different sounds like a little piano/keyboard. She also loves the monster games and the fruit puzzle games, her favourite part is when she’s done putting together the fruit, she places the fruit in the monsters mouth and then looks at me with such pride:) its the cutest thing ever!



You can find the app on Google play, the app store or even amazon!

you can download the app for free and then certain actions you can access for a low price (Totally worth it in my opinion) . If you have a long trip coming up i highly recommend you try it out, trust me you will love it!

Let me know what you think once you’ve tried it!

Thanks for tuning in!





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