ESSENTIALS FOR A DAY OUT WITH YOUR BABY…..ah…summer is finally here..

ah summer. nothing better.


I am so over the moon that its finally hot out. Canada is cold, pretty much all year long except for July and August so we are taking advantage and trying to get out everyday.   I have created a list below of essential items for a day out with a baby or toddler! It used to be that you would put on your shorts and swimsuit, grab a towel and off you go!   How times have changed….this is my go-to list whenever I take Jenna out for the day! Hope it helps you as much as it helps me. I use this list religiously after going out the first day totally unprepared.  Hopefully you read this before you take your babe out and don’t get stuck like I did.


Pre-motherhood packing list for a day at the park/beach

  1. Towel
  2. Swimsuit
  3. flip flops
  4. sunglasses
  5. sunscreen


Mom packing list for a day at the park/beach/splash pad

  1. Towel for you (because even if you don’t go in for sure your babe will splash you)
  2. Towel for your little one , preferably something with a hood to keep their heads covered while drying
  3. swimsuit for your little one
  4. swim diaper for your little one
  5. extra baggie for your little ones wet clothes and towel
  6. sunscreen for your baby (to reapply after they get wet)
  7. extra hat for your baby (because of course theirs gets wet while they are splashing around)
  8. shoes for your baby
  9. snacks for your baby in a cooler bag if necessary
  10. sippy cup or bottle with appropriate fluids(water/breastmilk/formula) in a cooler bag to keep baby hydrated
  11. extra clothes for you (if you aren’t wearing a bathing suit and get splashed)
  12. sunglasses for you
  13. sunglasses for your little one
  14. hand sanitizer
  15. baby wipes
  16. extra diapers
  17. diaper cream or vaseline as required
  18. extra ones in case it gets cold
  19. umbrella or some sort of sun shield to ensure baby doesn’t get too hot


If you think i missed anything please comment below and let me know!


Stay Safe and Good luck!




7 thoughts on “ESSENTIALS FOR A DAY OUT WITH YOUR BABY…..ah…summer is finally here..

  1. Jordan says:

    I read lists like this and think “I don’t need this, everyone knows you should bring a towel to the splash park.”
    Guess who forgot to bring towels to the splash park this weekend??


  2. Chelsea says:

    Baby powder is essential for the beach! It makes the sand just fluff right off! Also, I always bring a portable phone charger so I can keep taking pictures of the fun!


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